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Coming up: Postdoc Academy – Your Career Space

Postdoc Academy Kick Off Event – 26th April, 9.30 am–12.30 pm

Postdoc Academy Kick Off Event – 26th April, 9.30 am–12.30 pm

Welcome to the Postdoc Academy

In spring 2023, the Berlin University Alliance launches a new academy to promote researchers at the postdoc level.

Our goal is to improve your career and enable you to make individually good choices about your next steps – especially, if you are in the first years of your postdoc. 

Innovative approaches & best practices in your career development are at the core of this new BUA project.

Take advantage now

Postdoc Academy Portfolio

The Alliance partners provide postdocs with a wide variety of career support and network offerings. In the context of the upcoming Postdoc Academy, we will launch an information portal with an overview of all career-relevant opportunities for you.

Benefit from a course program specifically tailored to the needs of postdocs! The Academy's core project, the "Postdoc School", will offer courses in the areas of research management, career counselling, self-management, and science communication.

Get involved, benefit from your peers, and build up a network of likeminded people! Pitch an idea for a new career development format and obtain funding for it at our Career Workshops.

Am I optimally prepared for my academic career? We are developing an Online Competence Tool to help you evaluate your own skills and competencies. Based on the results, you will be able to make informed decisions about the next steps in your career development.

This annual event will give you insight into career options inside and outside academia. You will learn what skills are needed for different career paths and network with your peers, senior researchers, alumni, and potential employers.

Listen to other postdocs' opinions and experiences or tell your own story – this planned podcast series is all about you and your peers. Let's talk about it!