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Networking is a critical element in advancing academic careers. In this context the BUA Postdoc Academy develops and implements specific measures that promote effective networking among postdocs and support collaboration across BUA institutions. The Postdoc Academy offers a variety of formats to facilitate this exchange. Large events act as platforms for sharing ideas and experiences. Workshops provide practical insights and nurture the development of skills essential for successful acting in the scientific environment. Moreover, the BUA Postdoc Academy encourages innovative project ideas through open calls, fostering interdisciplinary cooperation among postdocs from BUA institutions and beyond. These initiatives are designed to create a dynamic and interactive community where BUA postdocs not only broaden their own communication networks but also build valuable, cross-disciplinary and cross-institutional partnerships. Through these efforts, the Postdoc Academy not only aids in the individual career development of postdocs but also lays a solid foundation for future collaborative research projects and encourages the shared utilization of resources. In the BUA institutions there are a number of networking initiatives for postdocs. In the following you will find links to these projects, which can serve as helpful starting points for orienting yourself in the world of academic networking and benefiting from it.

The MDC PostDoc Association

Postdoctoral Representatives

Friday Light Talks

The THESys Postdoc Network

Leibniz PostDoc Network

PostDoc Center Adlershof

Neuroscientists of Berlin

PhD-Postdoc Network

FMP Postdoc Representatives