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Networking Events and Call “Hit The Jackpot”

The BUA Postdoc Academy recognizes the immense importance of networking within the academic community, and its "Networking" program component is a testament to this. The goal is to bring together postdocs from various disciplines and regions to promote fruitful exchanges and pave career paths. This program organizes specially designed networking events aimed at connecting postdocs within the BUA, as well as providing opportunities to establish connections nationwide and on an international level. A particular focus is placed on bridging the gap between the academic world and the non-academic industry and research institutions, to ensure a holistic approach in scientific networking and career development.

Moreover, the program is distinguished by its "Hit the Jackpot" Open Calls, an annual initiative aimed at identifying and supporting outstanding projects and ideas from the postdoc community. This initiative offers financial support and resources for innovative projects that have the potential to make significant contributions to their field or to enrich the postdoc community in a meaningful way. Through these Open Calls, the BUA Postdoc Academy underscores its commitment to promoting scientific excellence and interdisciplinary collaboration, by not only providing postdocs with the opportunity to advance their research but also to build a strong network within and beyond the academic world.