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Call for Papers "The Ombudsman System: New Challenges and Perspectives"

Special section on the Ombuds system on Science and Public Policy.

News vom 26.10.2022

We are pleased to forward the publication of the call for papers for the special section of Science and Public Policy (SPP) “The Ombudsman System: New Challenges and Perspectives”, guest-edited by Simona Olivieri and Viktor Ullmann (Freie Universität Berlin).

This special section of SPP is dedicated to the publication of a range of thematic papers, meant to present an overview of current research on the Ombudsman system. The section aims to cover research-oriented and transfer-oriented approaches as well as empirical studies, so as to investigate significant aspects of the Ombudsman system from a critical perspective. 

Contributions on both current research and research application are welcome.


Please note that abstracts should be submitted via email to the guest editors by November 18, 2022, and not November 1, 2022, as indicated on the SPP website.


The announcement of the CfP as well as further details may be accessed at this link.


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