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Call for proposals: new forms of research based learning

Berlin University Alliance funding research seminars and research tutorials / closing date for applications: December 11

News from Oct 26, 2020

The Berlin University Alliance has set itself the objective of strengthening the link between (top-level) research and teaching. The Alliance has established the Student Research Opportunities Programx (StuROPx) to achieve this ambition. Students will have the opportunity to take part in current research in the Berlin excellence alliance or get their own projects off the ground. To this end, the Berlin University Alliance is funding two new kinds of learning formats beginning next summer semester.

The X-Student Research Groups are research teams in which doctoral candidates or postdocs conduct research together with students. Subquestions from current research is integrated into the format and students can gather research experience even at this early stage of their studies. Junior researchers who would like to focus on a partial aspect of their research together with students over the course of a semester can apply to lead an X-Student Research Group. For this they receive a teaching assignment and can also request material or travel funds.

The X-Tutorials are projects initiated and organized by students. Two tutors form a team with other students and do research on a topic of their interest. The aim is to give students at an early stage of their studies the freedom to work on a research question of their choosing on a largely independent basis. All students of the Berlin partner institutions with a project idea can apply for the X-Tutorials. If their application is successful, the students will be appointed as student assistants in the co-teaching team and can also receive support in the form of research-relevant material or travel funds.

Those interested in leading an X-Student Research Group or an X-Tutorial in Summer Semester 2021 have until December 11, 2020, to submit their applications.

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