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X-Student Research Groups

Research teams made up of junior researchers and students

With the X-Student Research Groups the Berlin University Alliance is supporting research teams made up of junior researchers and students. The aim is to involve students in current research projects of partner institutions and enable them to participate in top-level research at an early stage of their studies.

The X-Student Research Groups are organized in the form of research seminars and usually run over the course of a semester. This gives junior researchers the opportunity to transfer their own research into teaching and to gather initial experience in managing research groups.

The Berlin University Alliance sponsors up to 32 X-Student Research Groups every year. Junior researchers can apply for funding twice a year as part of a “Call for Proposals”.

Presentation as PDF file: X-Student Research Groups – Research teams made up of junior researchers and students

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Dr. Nina Lorkowski, Program Manager Berlin Student Research Opportunities Programx (StuROPx)
Email: nina.lorkowski@berlin-university-alliance.de

Dr. Julia Rueß, Program Head Berlin Student Research Opportunities Programx (StuROPx)
Email: julia.ruess@berlin-university-alliance.de