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More on the X-Student Research Group format

Format and length

X-Student Research Groups are organized in the form of research seminars as part of the courses offered by the Berlin University Alliance. They usually run over the course of one semester with the option of extending by a further semester.

Role of junior researchers

A junior researcher is responsible for leading the student research teams so that a current research question from their own research can be worked on together with the students. Doctoral candidates, Post Docs, and also junior professors can be head of the X-Student Research Group and receive a contract for teaching assignment. Even though it is junior researchers who are guiding the research, the fundamental idea of the X-Student Research Groups is to carry out “joint research with students”. Ideally, the students should have a narrower focus, concentrating on single aspects of the project, while still contributing to answering the overall research question in the synthesis.

Participating students

An X-Student Research Group is a student research team usually comprising five to ten students.To which groups of students a X-Student Research Group is primarily directed depends on the specific research project in question. Ideally, bachelor and master’s students should be able to participate, while students from diverse disciplines are also welcome.

For their participation in an X-Student Research Group the students will receive study points in the interdisciplinary/ free elective range or in the respective study program. Because X-Student Research Groups is a pilot project, the precise arrangements (number of study points, recognition) have not yet been finalized.

Presentation of results at the Berlin Conference for Student Research

The research results achieved by the group will be presented at the Berlin Conference for Student Research. The conference takes place once a year and offers the research team comprising students and junior researchers a platform for presenting the results to a broader audience.

FAQ about the X-Student Research Groups

For further information on how to apply for an X-Student Resarch Group, on the selection process but also on the format, please refer to our FAQ about the X-Student Reserach Group.