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Research tutorials by students for students

For students keen to do research, who want to experiment, develop, analyze, research or evaluate something in a self-organized project together with other students, the Berlin University Alliance promotes student-based research tutorials. With the X-Tutorials the Alliance is supporting students with a particular interest in research and in doing so is strengthening the link between research and teaching.

X-Tutorials are research tutorials that run over the course of one or two semesters. They are initiated by students and carried out by them independently. Together with other students, they conduct research in student teams on a topic of their interest. Of course, cooperation can be organized with other institutions in the Berlin area, for example with social actors (for example non-governmental organizations (NGOs), museums, associations, field of politics) or with other research institutions.

The Berlin University Alliance sponsors up to 16 X-Tutorials every year. Students can apply for funding twice a year as part of a “Call for Proposals”.

Presentation as PDF file: X-Tutorials Research – Tutorials by Students for Students

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Dr. Nina Lorkowski, Program Manager Berlin Student Research Opportunities Programx (StuROPx)
Email: nina.lorkowski@berlin-university-alliance.de

Dr. Julia Rueß, Program Head Berlin Student Research Opportunities Programx (StuROPx)
Email: julia.ruess@berlin-university-alliance.de