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Apply for and conduct X-Tutorials


The Berlin University Alliance funds up to 16 X-Tutorials per year. Students can apply for funding alone or as a tandem within the framework of a Call for Proposals twice a year.


Students who offer an X-Tutorial - called X-Tutors - are employed as student assistants for two semesters. Accordingly, they conduct the tutorial in two consecutive semesters. They can choose to conduct two one-semester X-Tutorials or offer one X-Tutorial that spans two semesters.

The research team

As part of the X-Tutorials, students conduct independent research - without professors or academic staff. Two X-Tutors guide the project. All students of the four collaborative partners can participate in the project after prior registration. The student groups to which an X-Tutorial is primarily directed depend on the respective research project. Project proposals that are open to cross-disciplinary and cross-semester collaboration are especially welcomed. Students can have their participation in an X-Tutorial credited with ECTS points in the interdisciplinary or free elective area or in the compulsory elective area of the respective degree program. The module "Student Research Project - X-Tutorial" comprises 6 ECTS and is mapped in the ÜWP area of Humboldt Universität.

Presentation of results at the Berlin Conference for Student Research

The jointly achieved research results are to be presented at the Berlin Conference for Student Research. The conference takes place once a year and provides a platform for the student research team to present their results to a broader audience.

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