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More on the X-Tutorials format

Format and length

X-Tutorials are organized in the form of research tutorials as part of the courses offered by the Berlin University Alliance. Students that offer an X-Tutorial – known as X-Tutors – are appointed as student assistants or freelance contractors for a period of two semesters. They hold the tutorial accordingly over two successive semesters. Here they can decide whether to hold two one-semester X-Tutorials or whether they should stretch one X-Tutorial out over two semesters.

The research team

As part of the X-Tutorials, students conduct their own research project. They are supervised by a professor. Two X-Tutors are responsible for guiding the project. Any student from the four partner institutions are eligible to participate in the project. To which groups of students a X-Tutorial is primarily directed, depends of course on the specific research project in question. Projects, which are open for cooperation across subject areas and semesters, are particularly welcome. Participating students to receive study points for their achievements in the interdisciplinary, free elective range or in the respective study program. 

Presentation of results at the Berlin Conference for Student Research

The research results achieved by the group will be presented at the Berlin Conference for Student Research. The conference takes place once a year and offers the student research team a platform for presenting the results to a broader audience.

FAQ about the X-Tutorials

For further information on how to apply for an X-Tutorial, on the selection process but also on the format, please refer to our FAQ about the X-Tutorials.