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The Cultural Politics of Love - What's Love got to do with it?

Sumona Dhakal, Lucas Loizou, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Anglistik und Amerikanistik 


Love is what motivates our attachments to the world. It may be, as Lauren Berlant once said, the only emotion where people 'want to become different.' We will analyze existing research on love as a political emotion and how it aligns with the fields of restorative and transformative justice. Using an affective and discursive methodological approach, we aim to better understand what the cultural politics of love signifies as well as unveil dominant forms of love that uphold both individual and state power. In turn, we explore the multitude of ways love can dismantle what bell hooks calls “capitalist-white-supremacist-patriarchy” as a discursive, ideological, and institutional form of domination. It is through this lens that we examine how love profoundly changes individuals, relationships, movements, and society. Thematically we will focus on: Love as an Ethic and Modality of Care; Love & Justice; Love under Capitalism/Socialism; Decolonial Love; Sex Work; Loving the Non-human; Love in QTI*BI_POC Literature & Pop Culture. We will have plenum sessions, work in smaller research groups and wrap up with a simulation exercise. Alongside interested co-researchers we will be working on a creative publication.

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Prof. Dr. Eva Boesenberg



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