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Site-specific post-colonial practice

Marina Resende Santos, Jakob Wirth, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Sozialwissenschaften und Stadt- und Regionalplanung  


In this theory/praxis seminar we will learn to apply postcolonial perspectives on real sites to develop a sensitive artistic practice. We will research and visit sites in Berlin and perform practical exercises as a seismograph of colonial structures.

Through this seminar, we will seek to find out together how to face colonialism in the public space. What function does colonialism continue to perform in our routines and perceptions of things and spaces? We will look at sites with historical ties to colonialism, as well as sites where new modes of imperialism and orientalism appear in trade, ecologies, design, and labor in the everyday life of the city. We will attend to the agency of spaces, infrastructures, and non-human beings as carriers of both colonization and emancipation.

The opening session will be on the 20th of April, followed by two block seminars, besides three single sessions with invited speakers. The course culminates in a series of public interventions or performances on the 22nd of July.

After the seminar, we will release a publication, where every participant will contribute one article reflecting on our interventions and contributing to debates in postcolonial theory and other disciplines represented in the group.


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 Please register for the course until Friday, 7th of April.

 Contact: resendesantosmarina@gmail.com, post@jakobwirth.net 

Betreuendende Professorin oder betreuender Professor

Prof. Dr. Talja Blockland, Prof. Dr. Jörg Stöllmann



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Saturday, 22. July, 2023 along Müllerstraße, Wedding Art walk at 15:00: Orient Station - Public interveions in the postcolonial everyday