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Living Technology

Felix Graf, Vivian Polenz, Freie Universität Berlin, Experimentalphysik (WE 1) 


To counteract climate change, this project aims to develop a technology that assimilates CO2 directly from the atmosphere. Participating students can choose to work in the lab and design their own experiments, which will then be discussed, and merged, in the colloquium of the course, or they can use their creativity to design the non-living component of this system. The aim of this semester is to perform and evaluate experiments with Azolla in the lab or to develop a 3D-modell for a carbon capture technology, as well as to create a strategy for integrating this technology into society. We are looking for students from different fields of science (biology, chemistry, biotechnology...), engineering, architecture, product design, finance and other relevant fields from 2rd year onwards. Laboratory experience for laboratory part is welcomed. Website: https://www.livingtechnology.net Schedule: Tuesday, 5pm until 6pm online weekly and block seminars Location: Online and Arnimallee 14

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Dr. Dennis Nürnberg



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