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Digital Positionality: Designing a Qualitative Map toward Epistemic Justice from the bottom up

Anna Lena Menne, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Asien- und Afrikawissenschaften 


Digital positionality refers to our highly individualised online environments, chances and obstacles. It is our position in the planetary computational network and its relation to social identity, resources and societal and systemic structures of domination. Yet, this complex entanglement is hard to spot for the everyday netizen, being robbed of their self-determination. At the same time, a few powerful actors reap the fruits of this knowledge gap. Our tutorial aims to empower netizens by enabling them (and us) to find and reflect on our digital positions. In the winter semester, we collaborated based on a Participatory Action Learning and Action Research approach. Engaging with diverse social groups in Berlin, we established design principles and concepts of the digital position, which we will develop into a full-fledged reflexivity tool this semester. We aim to publish our results in a journal and our tool as open-source. Diversity is encouraged: BA and MA students from all disciplines are welcome. Interest in digitisation and inequality is advantageous. No prior knowledge required except for a good grasp of English and German (min B1).

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Prof. Dr. phil. Nadja-Christina Schneider



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