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Lessons for the future: 100 Years of Surrealism through its exhibitions

Alejandra Garcia Herrera, Freie Universität Berlin, Peter Szondi-Institut für Allgemeine und Vergleichende Literaturwissenschaft (WE 3) 


The year 2024 commemorates 100 years of surrealism, and its exhibitions emerge as a potential object of study to question the role of art in society. The main research question is: What do surrealist exhibitions, in both content and practice, teach us about contemporary issues and the transgressive power of art? To answer it, students will select a specific exhibition or topic to develop archive research. The seminar will support their research activity with roundtables, counseling sessions, conferences by experts, visits to museums, and a small exercise of creative curating. At the end, students should prepare a short essay. Previous knowledge of the subject is not required, only basic research skills and creativity. The seminar aims to help students acquire and improve their skills for managing sources and analyzing material related to art history or visual arts. Students will also acquire knowledge of the art history of the 20th century and museums and curatorial theory. 



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