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How to Reimagine the Future? Studying Contemporary Social Movements in Germany

Alexandre Nogueira Martins, Freie Universität Berlin, Soziologie 


What are the visions of the future of contemporary social movements and how do they challenge neoliberal politics? This Research Group will present an intersectional and critical approach to both investigate the discourses and political practices of activists and rediscuss utopias and processes of social change. In this seminar, we will present contemporary theories and methodologies for studying social movements and the students are going to research a German social movement of their choice. Students will receive supervision in conducting interviews, doing document analysis, elaborating presentations and writing a short sociological essay. The Research Group is open to Master students from Sociology, Political Science, Anthropology, Gender Studies and other related sciences, interested in developing their skills in qualitative methodology and furthering their knowledge of political sociology and contemporary critique of neoliberalism in social theory.



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