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Explainable Fleet Management

Martin Aleksandrov, Freie Universität Berlin, Informatik


To keep up with the demands of real-world truck logistics, package delivery, and ride-pooling, academic models and algorithms have to: (1) account for economic, safety, and environmental vehicle features; (2) include preferences of drivers, dispatchers, and customers; and (3) obey EU policy constraints. The research question is 'How can we integrate these into the design of emerging technologies?'. The X-Student Research Group will first develop new models by collecting data from companies and surveys. Then, they will use ideas from the literature to analyze and develop algorithms for these models. Finally, to increase transparency, students will develop methods that explain their solutions. The deliverables will support companies. Prerequisites are skills in mathematics, programming (e.g. Python, Java, C++), statistics (e.g. mean, standard deviation), or ethics. Activities include developing ideas, individual supervision, team tasks, invited talks, and conference participation.



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