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How to move beyond Climate Change Media Narratives? A Feminist Environmental Justice Perspective

Jihad Yagoubi, Camila Nobrega Rabello Alves, Freie Universität Berlin, Otto-Suhr-Institut für Politikwissenschaft 


What are the power structures behind dominant environmental discourses? This Research Group will take a closer look at media practices and narratives on Environmental Justice from Decolonial Feminist perspectives. Together with the students, our aim is to identify which gaps exist in the public debate, to experiment with content creation in alternative media platforms, and build an intersectional framework that operationalises the connection between transmedia activism and academic knowledge. The research group is open to most humanities students of the Berlin University Alliance institutions interested in the topic of media and environmental activism, and more specifically to Master students from Gender studies, Political Science, Natural Resource Management, Media and communication studies, etc. Students are expected to be open to critical awareness, and learn how to be sensitive to racial, social and environmental justice issues, both in discourse and in practice.



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