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How can we model and solve challenges for future mobility applications?

Martin Aleksandrov, Freie Universität Berlin, Informatik 


Future mobility applications (FMAs) focus on the society and environment. As a first example, when transporting patients, we might want to minimize their home waiting times and their hospital arrival times. As a second example, before planning a cruise, we might want to avoid migration routes for saving marine life. As a third example, when collecting garbage, we might want to minimize the carbon emissions of the trucks. As a fourth example, when visiting friends abroad, we might want to select the most convenient door-to-door option.  In this course, BUA students will work on and analyze such case studies from a scientific perspective. During the course, they will thus get to assess existing solutions and design new solutions for FMAs. Course prerequisites are skills in mathematics, programming (e.g. Python, C, Java, C++), statistics (e.g. mean, standard deviation), or ethics. Course activities include individual supervision, team tasks, invited talks, and conference participation.



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