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Designing ecosystems to enable a reformed research assessment and recognition of open science

23.05.2023 | 16:00 - 17:00

By Ugo Moschini, Data scientist at the Data Analysis Office, Research Organization Department, Italian Institute of Technology, Italy

The full adoption of a reformed research assessment, as envisioned also by the COalition for Advancing Research Assessment (COARA), that is responsible, transparent and comprehensive, relies on setting up new ecosystems, made of both policies and technologies. The recognition of open science activities needs new tools to monitor open science practices, to raise awareness in both researchers and management staff, enabling transparency. In the talk, some of the aspects and challenges related to the creation of these new ecosystems will be described.


And by Evgeny Bobrov, Project Team Leader Open Data and Research Data Management at the BIH QUEST Center

Evgeny will additionally present a short overview of QUEST activities regarding the monitoring of open science practices.


Link for joining the meeting (no previous registration needed): Click here to join the QSRR on May 23rd / 2023



It would be great to meet you there! Do not hesitate to contact us beforehand, if you have questions or suggestions.


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