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Research Forum Next Grand Challenge

To which global challenge should the Berlin excellence alliance devote all its expertise? What topic should be the next Grand Challenge Initiative? This is exactly what the Berlin University Alliance wants to find out jointly with researchers and society.

Two major challenges of our time with global significance – so-called Grand Challenges – are already being researched by the Berlin excellence alliance: social cohesion and global health. The third objective is to be determined with the support of the Research Forum Next Grand Challenge.

Above all, the young perspective should be included in the identification of topics so that the Berlin research landscape can benefit from the curiosity and diversity of ideas of young people. To this end, school students in Berlin between the ages of 14 and 18 are invited to participate in think tanks. At the same time, scientists from the partner institutions can submit their proposals. At a major think tank, the proposals developed will be discussed with the participants and other stakeholders from economy, politics, arts, culture, and civil society and assessed according to their significance. The arguments put forward and the rankings established will be considered by the committees of the Berlin University Alliance in their decision on the next major funding priority.


Raffael Barth, Program Manager TD-Lab (Focus on Next Grand Challenge)
Email: raffael.barth@berlin-university-alliance.de

Dr. Melanie Kryst, Program Manager TD-Lab (Focus on Berlin Citizens and Next Grand Challenge)
Email: melanie.kryst@berlin-university-alliance.de