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Global Health

As part of its second Grand Challenge Initiative, the Berlin University Alliance is tackling the topic of global health. Global health combines research and practice aiming to improve the health of all people worldwide. The goal is to eliminate the existing inequalities in society so that all people can lead healthy lives. Questions and challenges in the field of global health concern not only the health sciences but also a large number of other research areas such as law, environmental science, the natural and social sciences, as well as politics, religion, philosophy, material science, engineering, and communication studies. With this in mind, the researchers of the Alliance partners who are involved in the Grand Challenge Initiative on Global Health are adopting an interdisciplinary approach to investigate cross-cutting themes.

Exchange between scientific and non-scientific expertise plays a crucial role for global health. A Research Forum is being planned, where representatives from science, society, politics, culture, and industry will meet in order to define and address current issues using a transdisciplinary approach.


Nehle Frerick, Program Manager Global Health
Email: nehle.frerick@berlin-university-alliance.de