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Social Cohesion

Social Cohesion is the topic of the first grand challenge initiative of the Berlin University Alliance.

Social Cohesion is the topic of the first grand challenge initiative of the Berlin University Alliance.
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The Berlin University Alliance is dedicating an initial stage of the Grand Challenge Initiative to the discussion of social cohesion. Both a descriptive and normative term, social cohesion has been at the center of vigorous debates on democracy, the future of technology and industry, diversity, heritage, migration, social and economic transformation, environmental and resource conflicts, digital spaces, resistance, resilience, health and much more.

In August 2019, the Berlin University Alliance invited researchers in Berlin to submit proposals for networking and identifying projects for the main application phase. This first call for proposals has ended. You can find a complete list of all supported projects here.

The Main Call Exploration Projects Social Cohesion was initiated in February 2020. The Alliance’s aim is to provide funding over a number of years to establish long-term leading research in the area of social cohesion. Six projects were selected for funding.

Please address any questions about the current and future funding lines on the topic of social cohesion to grand-challenges@berlin-university-alliance.de.

Research Atlas Social Cohesion

The "Research Atlas Social Cohesion" visualizes the current research activities on the topic of social cohesion in the Berlin research area. It also records the research needs expressed by society in the subject area. This makes it possible to identify current research priorities, social issues and new interfaces. Possible research needs also become visible. The interactive website is part of the Grand Challenge Forum Social Cohesion, which accompanies BUA's first Grand Challenge Initiative.

Website Research Atlas Social Cohesion


Christian Richter, Scientific Coordinator Social Cohesion