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Stammtisch and Get-together “Little Friday” on Social Cohesion

Stammtisch / Get-Together Social Cohesion

Stammtisch / Get-Together Social Cohesion

We bring together all interested members of the Exploration Projects Social Cohesion at a monthly meeting to share experiences, ideas and discuss topics related to social cohesion and our projects in a relaxed atmosphere.

Guests are of course very welcome! If you want to attend our Stammtisch, just send the organizer an email.

When: every first Thursday in a month, from 6 p.m.
Where: We meet at changing locations in Berlin. The venue for the current meeting will be announced here.
Organized by: Christian Richter, scientific coordinator Grand Challenge Initiative Social Cohesion within the Berlin University Alliance (christian.richter@berlin-university-alliance.de)

Look forward to a pleasant and interesting evening!

Our current "Little Friday" Stammtisch will take place on August 12, starting at 6 pm at the restaurant and project "Kreuzberger Himmel".

Kreuzberger Himmel

Yorckstraße 89

10965 Berlin

Agenda: This time you will be welcomed by Dr. Melanie Kryst and Angela Osterheider from Ziel 2 (Fostering Knowledge Exchange), who develop transdisciplinary exchange formats for the HKB. Therefore, we would like to exchange about planned and possible transdisciplinary aspects within the projects, but also for open exchange and getting to know the other members of the exploration projects, this Stammtisch is the right place.

Note: For better planning on our part, we ask for a short registration by mail (melanie.kryst@berlin-university-alliance.de). Due to the current pandemic situation we would also like to offer you to contact us if you prefer a digital meeting or a meeting in presence: For this we will reserve a table in the restaurant and project "Kreuzberger Himmel" on the terrace, weather permitting, and for safety reasons we ask all participants to come healthy, vaccinated or tested.

Our 2nd „Little Friday“ Stammtisch will take place on: July 1, from 6 pm at Biergarten Zollpackhof.

Restaurant & Biergarten
Elisabeth-Abegg-Str. 1
10557 Berlin

Agenda: Get to know each other. As the Exploration Projects are spread over Berlin, ideas on where to meet would be appreciated. Next time could be your favorite Biergarten!

Note: You can already mark the date of the next Stammtisch. Due to the summer vacations, it will take place on August 12, 2021, starting at 6 pm. There will be the opportunity to discuss the topic of transdisciplinarity and (planned) transdisciplinary formats in your projects. Angela Osterheider and Melanie Kryst from Objective 2: Fostering Knowledge Exchange (Team Research Forums) are the respective contact persons within the Berlin University Alliance and will join us for the Stammtisch.