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CV Corinna Bath

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Corinna Bath chairs the group „Gender, Technology and Mobility“ at the institute for flight guidance, TU Braunschweig and teaches also in the mechanical engineering department at the Ostfalia University for Applied Sciences in Wolfenbüttel/Wolfsburg. 2017-2021 she chaired the interdisciplinary Ph.D. program ‘Gendered configurations of humans and machines. Interdisciplinary analyses of technology’ funded by the Ministry for Science and Culture in Lower Saxony. 18 doctoral researchers with backgrounds in the social sciences and humanities as well as in the engineering sciences explored the question of how the construction of gender is entangled with the construction of machines. Corinna Bath was guest professor at the TU Graz 2016 (“gender & technology”) and the TU Berlin 2012 (“gender studies in engineering”). She studied mathematics (mathematical logic) and political sciences at FU Berlin. Since her doctoral thesis on de-gendering computational artefacts at the computer science department of the University of Bremen, 2009, she investigated technology design methods and practices that might avoid processes of problematic gendering of technologies, particularly IT, algorithms and AI. Already in 2004-2006 she conducted field work on the gendering of (social and emotional) software agents and robots, when working at the University of Vienna. As postdoc in the DFG research training group “Gender as a Category of knowledge” at Humboldt University Berlin (2009-2011) she continued empirical work on semantic technologies. Recent publications address the fields of gender studies in mechanical engineering and computer science, science and technology studies, socially fair and ethical design of technologies, feminist theory and epistemology, inter- and transdisciplinarity.