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Publish Research Hardware: Why, What, How?

24.04.2024 | 14:00 s.t. - 15:30

Presentation in the framework of the Online-Colloquium of the Berlin University Alliance's Objective 3 - Advancing Research Quality and Value.

While scientific advancement is often dependent on specific research hardware (physical object developed as part of or for a research process), information about the same is generally lacking, and efforts to provide it are inadequately incentivised in the current academic landscape. At the same time, development and dissemination of hardware (from prototypes towards market-ready designs) could be facilitated using open source hardware standards and principles. The Open.Make team will present their research on current practices of hardware documentation and publication, before presenting their plans to release a hardware publication platform going along with a community of research hardware makers in Berlin universities (inside the BUA funded project  Open.Make II. Implementing Open and FAIR Hardware). We would like to discuss the role of journals and metrics for open source hardware recognition, as well as longer term objectives, like the cultural changes this project should initiate, and opportunities in knowledge transfer that would help universities to fulfill their third mission in society and economy. The session will be held in English.

The colloquium is aimed at scientists of all status groups and interested parties from all scientific and non-scientific fields. You will find the access data at the end of this announcement.

The colloquium is organized within the framework of Objective 3: Advancing Research Quality and Value. It always takes place on the last Wednesday of the month from 14:00 to 15:30.


Nele Hofmann

Berlin University Alliance

Scientific Coordinator Research Quality

Objective - Advancing Research Quality and Value



Zeit & Ort

24.04.2024 | 14:00 s.t. - 15:30


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