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Between a Means of Governance and Structural Meaning?

01.09.2022 - 02.09.2022

In the face of changing social structures and cooperative relationships in knowledge production as well as the projectification and increasing bureaucratization of research, scientific authorship and peer review are changing, too. We observe a diversification and differentiation of publication venues, authorship options, and peer review practices in the wake of the digitization of typesetting and printing, and the increasing importance of competitively-raised research funds. These transformations reflect both changing conditions of knowledge production and structural changes in the funding dynamics of science.

This workshop brings together presentations that address the governing functions of scientific authorship and peer review in science. Presenters include: Justyna Bandola-Gill, Baptiste Bedessem, Peter van den Besselaar, Lars Geschwind, Lukas Gienapp, Felicitas Heßelmann, Stefan Hornbostel, Marcel Knöchelmann, Erik Körner, Christine Musselin, David Pontille, Martin Potthast, Martin Reinhart, Cornelia Schendzielorz, Katherine Smith, Benno Stein, Rudolf Stichweh, Vera Ulmer, Marta Natalia Wróblewska.

For registration: Nikita Sorgatz, sorgatz@dzhw.eu

For further questions: Cornelia Schendzielorz, schendzc@hu-berlin.de

Zeit & Ort

01.09.2022 - 02.09.2022

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Dorotheenstraße 26, 10117 Berlin.
Room 121 (1st floor)