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Funded Early Career Researchers

Geförderte der Early Career Researcher Mobility, Runde I, 2022

Sascha Riaz, Postdoctoral Prize Fellow (PPRF), Nuffield College, investigates how liberalizing labour market access for refugees affects natives’ immigration attitudes. Host: Prof. Anselm Hager, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Xavier Bach, Postdoctoral researcher at JRF Trinity College, examines heteroclisis (the mixing of inflection classes) as a repair for a phonological clash in French. Host: Prof. Sascha Gaglia, Freie Universität Berlin

Ingrid Schreiber, Doctoral student at Wadham College and the Faculty of History, Oxford, works on a project in intellectual history, which continues the work of the Oxford-Berlin Enlightenment Hub. Host: Tobias Rosefeldt, Humboldt-Unversität zu Berlin

Ignacio Juarez Martinez, Doctoral student at the Department of Biology, University of Oxford, develops a methodology to study animal behaviour in the wild using event cameras. Host: Guillermo Gallego, Technische Universität Berlin.

Sophia Rosa Mara Buck, Doctoral student in Medieval and Modern Languages (German Studies) at Oxford University, will visit two projects in Berlin: 1) Matthias Schwartz (ZfL, HU), Caroline Adler (HU), 2) Daniel Weidner (ZfL, HU, Halle). Her research investigates Walter Benjamin as intercultural mediator and critic.

Josh Hitt, Doctoral Student at the History Faculty at Oxford University, works on a project that aims to situate Medieval Greek storytelling in a global context. Host: Beatrice Gruendler, Freie Universität Berlin

Ana Victoria Lechuga-Vieco, Postdoctoral Researcher at The Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology, NDORMS, University of Oxford, conducted collaborative experiments using the single-cell platform. Host: Katja Simon, Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine

Clare Mulley, Doctoral student of Humanities at St. Hughs in Oxford, investigates the reception of Wagner’s Ring libretti in later literature, especially poetry. Host: Lukas Rösli, NordEuropa Institut, HU Berlin

Mariana Borsa, Postdoctoral Researcher on Integrative Biomedicine and Sir Henry Wellcome Fellow, investigates how T cell diversity is established in immunity, through a mechanism called asymmetric cell division. Host: Katja Simon, Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine


Geförderte der Early Career Researcher Mobility, Runde II, 2023


Aus Berlin:

Théo Konc; TU Berlin, Faculty VII; Advancing Carbon Pricing

Miriam Fichtner; Charité, Institute for Experimental Neurology ; Optimisation of detection assays for autoantibodies in Myasthenia

Carina Fresemann; TUB, Faculty V, IWF, FG Industrial Information Technology; SustAIned-Twin

Lisa Memmeler; Freie Universität Berlin; AfterWords (Einstein-Project)

Luca Frepoli; Technische Universität Berlin, Institut für Kunstwissenschaft; Collecting Counterproofs. Surveying the print collections of John Talman and Francis Douce

Evelina Bazaeva; Centre for British Studies (Großbritannien-Zentrum); The Cinematic Poetics of British Women Novelists of the Interwar Period

Mats Küssner; Department of Musicology and Media Studies, HU Berlin; Altering entrenched socio-cultural beliefs through music: a novel use of emotional contagion

Alexandra Petukhova-Greenstein; Charité Universitätsmedizin - Berlin; Early detection of liver cancer using cell-free DANN

Andreas Kerschbaum; Humboldt University Berlin, Department of Philosophy ; Chinese philosophy and philological analysis

Livia Samson; Humboldt-University, Department of Philosophy; What (if anything) is wrong with the family?

Bettina Rentsch; FU Berlin, Faculty of Law; Comparative Theory of Shareholder Rights / Oxford Business Law Research Group 

Johanna Nickels; FU Berlin, Faculty of Law (Criminal Law and Criminology); Southernising Criminology

Sarah von Westarp; TU Berlin, Biotechnology, Bioprocess Engineering (BVT); CrystalHE - Crystals of Hard-to-Express Enzymes

Niels Krausch; TU Berlin, Bioprocess engineering; OPAL - Orchestrating Pharmaceutical Process Development in an Automated Biolab


Aus Oxford:

Sascha Riaz; University of Oxford (Nuffield College); Do Judges Discriminate against Immigrants?

Klara Piletic; Integrative Biomedicine; Adipocyte autophagy in the control of obesity-induced inflammation

Christine Sheldon; Department of Politics and International Relations (UO); Research Training Group DYNAMICS

Hangjuan Ren; University of Oxford; In-situ spectroscopy of carbon dioxide reduction electrocatalysis

Ignacio Juarez Martinez; Department of Biology, University of Oxford; Science of Intelligence Project

Chang Ho Yoon; Big Data Institute, University of Oxford; Explainable machine learning to investigate tuberculosis transmission

Juan Neves-Sarriegui; History Faculty and Latin American Centre, University of Oxford; 'International Research Training Group "Temporalities of Future"'