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What is the selection process?

Projects are assessed in a multi-stage process.

  1. An initial check for completeness of submitted documents and formal fulfillment of el- igibility criteria is carried out by the Office for Grand Challenge Initiatives of the Berlin University Alliance. In case of formal deficiencies, the applicant has the possibility to correct the deficiencies.
  2. After the initial check, all proposals will be assessed in a written review by international experts in the field of Global Health and international experts on transdisciplinary research. The review is based on scores and explanations of the eligibility criteria (see below) as well as an overall numerical rating of the application.
  3. Based on scores received in the written review the internal expert committee ‘Global Health’ of the Berlin University Alliance, advised by the steering committees of Objective 1 ‘Focusing on Grand Challenges, and Objective 2, ‘Fostering Knowledge Ex-change’ as well as one additional member of the other BUA steering committees, will create a shortlist of up to 10 proposals.
  4. These will be invited to a digital expert talk and discussion to be held in September 2021. The PIs will discuss their projects with a selection committee consisting of international experts in the field of Global Health and in transdisciplinary research. The selection committee will be advised by the internal expert committee “Global Health” and some steering committee members of the different objectives and cross-cutting themes of the Berlin University Alliance to ensure the best possible compliance to all goals set by the Alliance.

Based on the written and scored reviews and the scientific talk the selection committee will develop the final ranking and funding recommendation in a closed session. The funding recommendation is recorded and documented.

The Executive Board will make the final funding decision.