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What could transdisciplinary cooperation look like?

There are many ways to design transdisciplinary collaboration. The actors can come from the fields of industry, art and culture, politics and civil society. From a methodological point of view, all ways and forms of collaboration are possible. It is important to involve the actors at an early stage: the scientific and non-scientific actors should be integrated in the research process, in particular with regard to the joint problem definition, conception and implementation of the project. In addition, cooperation at eye level plays a central role. The research process should integrate scientific and practical perspectives: formats can be freely chosen.

Recommend readings:
td-net toolbox: concrete ideas for methods and tools for co-producing knowledge.

The team "Research Forums", Objective 2 – Fostering Knowledge Exchange, offers a basic webinar on transdisciplinary research: 28 May and 14 June 2021, 10:00-11:30 am, as well as consultation hours on transdisciplinary research: 11 June, 25 June and 9 July 2021, each between 11:00-12:00 am. More information on these offers and on registration your find on the website of the Call for Proposals: https://www.berlin-university-alliance.de/en/commitments/grand-challenge-initiatives/global-health/call-2021/index.html