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What is the underlying understanding of Global Health within the call for Exploration Projects?

Global Health is the second Grand Challenge Initiative to which the Berlin University Alliance is dedicated.

Global Health focuses particularly on the interdependencies between globalization, health and health determinants, with a special emphasis on and commitment to the reduction of health disparities. In this, Global Health addresses health issues in a transnational and global perspective. As such, Global Health requires multinational and interdisciplinary collaboration in order to understand – and act upon – the inseparable interconnections between the medical, social, biological, cultural, political, economic, and environmental determinants of human health.

Global Health is studied and practiced mainly at the population level to promote people’s health, prevent, treat, and manage infectious and non-communicable diseases to achieve the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health. It strives to promote healthy living environments, establish more equitable and accessible health systems as well as just and participatory conditions in health care and health research in an interconnected world. In short, Global Health is both an aim to work towards, and an essential precondition for, individual and collective security, stability and prosperity worldwide.