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What is the goal of an Exploration Project?

Exploration Projects aim to establish inter- and transdisciplinary research groups in Berlin dedicated to issues of societal relevance which coordinate and link the research undertaken by members of the Berlin University Alliance. In doing so, they contribute to the development of the Grand Challenge Initiatives of the Alliance and strengthen Berlin as a center of research.

The funding focuses on thematic approaches that leave established research paths behind. Novel questions are worked on, if necessary also by innovative methods, in inter- and transdisciplinary teams. The interdisciplinary composition should deviate from established and proven subject partnerships. Transdisciplinarity means that within the Exploration Projects researchers formulate and work on research questions from several perspectives in critical reflection with non-scientists/non-academic partners. The Alliance explicitly supports high-risk projects. At the same time, the funded Exploration Project should enable the development of long-term research projects and financing structures.