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Diversity & Gender Equality

Image credit: Simon Brunel - Limo for Research

Image credit: Simon Brunel - Limo for Research

All member universities of the Berlin University Alliance, as well as our collaborating institutions, aim to expand their leading position in gender equality, to increasingly promote diversity, and to establish sustainable, diversity-related, and internationally competitive standards within the research community in Berlin and beyond.

We at the Postdoc Academy want to underline our dedication and commitment to not only address diversity and gender equality, but to integrate them sustainably as constitutive principles of our program.

In the Berlin University Alliance Diversity and Gender Equality constitute a so-called cross-cutting theme that works closely together with the various objectives of the BUA. The Diversity and Gender Equality Network (DiGENet) plays a significant role in implementing this goal. The research and competence network offers interested researchers from Berlin a platform for intensive and interdisciplinary knowledge exchange.

At DiGENet's establishment in 2020, Berlin led the nation with a 32% share of full-time professorships held by women. The network is associated with the hope of expanding this top-level position even further and reflecting the diversity of the city in the Berlin research environment.

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