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Diversity and Gender Equality Network (DiGENet)

DiGENet bundles the expertise of the partner institutions and the institutions not affiliated with academia on diversity and gender Equality.

DiGENet: the research and competence network for interested researchers from Berlin

DiGENet: the research and competence network for interested researchers from Berlin
Image Credit: Pixabay / geralt

To promote diversity and gender equality is one of the cross-cutting themes of the Berlin University Alliance. The Diversity and Gender Equality Network (DiGENet) plays a significant role in implementing this goal. The research and competence network offers interested researchers from Berlin a platform for intensive and interdisciplinary knowledge exchange.

At DiGENet's establishment in 2020, Berlin led the nation with a 32% share of full-time professorships held by women. The network is associated with the hope of expanding this top-level position even further and reflecting the diversity of the city in the Berlin research environment.

The network has now expanded to more than 200 experts within the Berlin University Alliance. Its members meet regularly and discuss varied topics in different working groups.

Lecture Series: "Diversität und Exzellenz – Ein Spannungsverhältnis?!"
(Diversity and Excellence - A Tension Relationship?!)

November 24, 2022 - February 9, 2023


Dr. Charlotte Piepenbrock, Coordinator Cross-Cutting Theme Diversity and Gender Equality
Email: diversity-gender-equality@berlin-university-alliance.de

Dr. Naghmeh Esmaeilpour, Program Manager DiGENet & Gastprofessur für Diversity & Gender Equality Cross-Cutting Theme Diversity & Gender Equality, Email: naghmeh.esmaeilpour@berlin-university-alliance.de