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Research Forum Global Health

Global health is a challenge that Berlin, as an integrated research environment, is also facing. In the Research Forum Global Health, scientists as well as stakeholders from organized civil society, politics, economy, art, and culture participate in a joint knowledge exchange in thematic workshops.

Global health is a challenge that Berlin is also facing as an integrated research environment. In the Research Forum Global Health, scientists and stakeholders from organized civil society, politics, economy, art, and culture convene in thematic workshops to exchange knowledge.

Through this knowledge exchange and joint learning, pressing questions about global health will be formulated to which Berlin, as a research environment, living and economic area, can provide answers. In a pilot process, future topics are identified together, and transdisciplinary networks are established to bring these topics into both research and concrete application.

Thus, beyond the five exploration projects funded in this area, the Grand Challenge Initiative on Global Health of the alliance will be continued and accompanied by transdisciplinary research. For the success of the process, the Research Forum provides structural, technical, financial and human resources. The process is supervised by a sounding board whose members contribute scientific and non-scientific expertise.

Sounding Board

With the kickoff of the Sounding Board on April 26, 2022, the Research Forum officially launched the more than one-year process of intensive knowledge exchange in Berlin between scientific and non-scientific stakeholders.
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The Thematic Workshops on Urban Health

The core of the Research Forum Global Health is formed by the thematic workshops. In several exchange formats, campaign boosters from art and culture, organized civil society, politics, and administration, as well as economy and science identify current areas of tension in the implementation of urban health in Berlin and derive concrete questions from this, which can be addressed particularly well in the integrated research environment of Berlin. The thematic workshops started in May 2022.
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Nadin Gaasch, Program Manager TD-Lab (Focus on Global Health)
Tel.: +49 30 / 838-52298
Email: nadin.gaasch@berlin-university-alliance.de

Dr. Melanie Kryst, Program Manager TD-Lab (Focus on Next Grand Challenge and Global Health) 

Email: melanie.kryst@berlin-university-alliance.de