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International Open Access Week


October 23th to 29th, 2023

The global week of action takes place October 23-29; this year‘s motto, ”Community over Commercialization,” encourages open discourse about the increasing commercialization of scholarly communication and focuses on perspectives and approaches that put the interest of the research community back at the center.

The Berlin Open Access Office lists events in the Berlin area: https://blogs.fu-berlin.de/open-access-berlin/2023/09/21/oaweek-2023/.

Event information from German-speaking countries: https://open-access.network/fortbilden/open-access-week/open-access-week-2023.

Event information internationally: https://www.openaccessweek.org/event.

Offers from BUA partners:

* HU Berlin https://www.ub.hu-berlin.de/de/forschen-publizieren/open-access/open-access-week.

* TU Berlin https://tu.berlin/ub/oaweek.

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