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QUEST Seminar on Responsible Research

10.10.2023 | 16:00 - 17:00

Talk: Duplicate Images in Scientific Literature - Systematic Review as a Detection Tool for the Online Sleut

About the talk by Kim Wever and René Aquarius (Radboudumc, Nijmegen, The Netherlands):

Duplications in scientific images, maybe you have heard about it through leading experts such as Dr. Elisabeth Bik, or seen examples of image manipulation on X (Twitter) or Pubpeer. However, the chance that you have identified them yourself may be low, as it can be a difficult and very time-consuming process. How do duplicate images impact our use of scientific publications, in particular for evidence syntheses such as systematic reviews? In this presentation, Kim Wever and René Aquarius will talk about their experiences with finding duplicate images in scientific literature: from detection, to reporting (and the follow-up so far).

About the QUEST Seminar on Responsible Research:

With the QUEST Seminar on Responsible Research we wish to establish a communication channel oriented towards our colleagues at BIH, Charité, and beyond. Here, we want to present and discuss QUEST-relevant topics in order to jointly address challenges, facilitate exchange of experiences, and explore solutions for implementing responsible practices in biomedical research.

For further details, visit us at: https://www.bihealth.org/en/translation/innovation-enabler/quest-center/events/course/quest-seminar-on-responsible-research

Zeit & Ort

10.10.2023 | 16:00 - 17:00

Online, via Teams