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Impact Training

02.11.2021 | 09:00 - 16:00

Exploration Projects: Grand Challenge Social Cohesion

Do you feel under pressure to produce impact both within, but definitely beyond academia? But time is a scarce resource! And you are not yet sure how to build a successful impact strategy in the first place?

The training provided by the BUA-Research Forums will give you a first introduction and solid foundation to build an impact strategy in transdisciplinary projects. You will learn strategic communication skills that increase your visibility, sharpen your profile and enables you to strengthen your career milestones. The training is based on the latest research evidence and takes a unique relational approach to enable you to deliver significant and lasting impact with your research. 2 Follow-up workshops will take place on November 30, 2021 (topic to be discussed based on your needs, e.g. co-production of knowledge products, such as policy briefs) and January 20, 2022 (focus on impact evaluation).

Die Veranstaltung richtet sich an: PostDocs, PhDs and experts on transdisciplinarity or science communication within the BUA-Exploration Projects Social Cohesion

Zeit & Ort

02.11.2021 | 09:00 - 16:00


Weitere Informationen

Dr. Melanie Kryst
E-Mail: socialcohesion-forum@berlin-university-alliance.de