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Scholars and scientists from the three major universities in Berlin and Charité collaborate very successfully in many projects. In this section we present some of the projects and portray individual researchers.

Challenging Times

A Symposium Organized by the Oxford Berlin Research Partnership Looks at the Role of Scientists in Times of Conflict, Fake News, and Polarization


Networking Event Brings Together Refugee Researchers to Discuss Opportunities for German-Ukrainian Research Partnership

“Time for Priorities”

Dr. Anna Kuhlen, Postdoctoral Researcher in Psychology at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, talks about the Career Development Award and her Research Semester

The Transformative Impact of Science

The new president of the European Research Council, Maria Leptin, gave her first speech during Berlin Science Week

"Quantum Computing Attracts a Great Deal of Interest, but also False Expectations"

The first einstein research Unit of the Berlin University Alliance conducts research on the potential of quantum computers

Berlin Alliance Arouses International Interest

An international delegation visited the Berlin Excellence Alliance and learned about cooperative approaches to current challenges worldwide

Shared Resources – Multiple Benefits

A participation survey is to find out needs and wishes for shared research infrastructure

Why Not Combine Learning with Research?

With the Student Research Opportunities Programx – or in Short: “StuROPx” – the Berlin University Alliance offers two formats in which students are involved in research – with their own projects

“A topic like water cannot be dealt with along disciplinary lines”

The second Einstein Research Unit of the Berlin University Alliance deals with climate and water under change

An Added Value for The Teaching and Learning Landscape in Berlin

The Berlin University Alliance concludes a framework agreement for teaching. In an interview, Eva Inés Obergfell, spokesperson for the Teaching and Learning Steering Committee, talks about the goals and benefits for students

Long-term promotion and development of talent

Berlin University Alliance to receive applications for junior research groups for the first time

Improving research quality through open science

The first lecture series of the Berlin University Alliance will look at research quality and open science in theory and practice

How do we want to live together in the future?

The New European Bauhaus Initiative was the focus of a lunch talk organized by the Brussels office

Making the world healthier

With its Grand Challenge Initiative on Global Health, the Berlin University Alliance is dedicated to improving the health of all people

Inclusive knowledge production with the Global South

A panel discussion of the Berlin Center for Global Engagement dealt with equal collaboration between the “Global North” and the “South”

Postdoctoral perspectives

The Career Day by and for doctoral candidates of the Berlin University Alliance partner institutions was very well attended

Considerable interest in exchange with the National University of Singapore

A jointly organized webinar on the Berlin/Singapore Partnership provided insights into the cooperation.

Strong Axis for Research and Teaching

Çiğdem İşsever, first academic director of the Oxford/Berlin Research Partnership for the BUA, talks about her new position and her professional experiences in Oxford

Ambivalent Solidarity?

Solo freelancers and fast-track assistance during the coronavirus pandemic - an interview with Isabell Stamm and Lena Schürmann

“Ask the BUA!“

At the first panel discussion of the Berlin University Alliance (BUA), all members of the partner institutions were able to learn a great deal about the Excellence alliance.

“Gender studies from Berlin have a name and are well organized”

The “DiGENet” project of the Berlin University Alliance bundles the expertise of Berlin's universities and research institutions not affiliated with academia with emphasis on diversity and gender equality.

"We got the ball rolling"

Sabine Kunst, president of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, is the new spokesperson of the Berlin University Alliance. She succeeds Günter M. Ziegler, who had been in charge for two years.

Life during the Covid-19 Crisis

Researchers investigate the psychosocial effects of lockdown

Artificial intelligence in radiology

Digitalization is transforming the healthcare system, but under what circumstances is the use of artificial intelligence considered to be trustworthy? This issue was explored as part of a transdisciplinary project, taking radiology as an example.

“Social commitment at its best”

A photo competition organized by University of Oxford and the Berlin University Alliance reveals students’ diverse interests in helping society.

“We've received lots of positive, enthusiastic feedback”

The conference of the German Association for Educational Development (dghd) was held online due to the coronavirus. Wolfgang Deicke, a member of the organization team, shares his experiences in an interview.

“Learning is a team sport”

Creative concepts for improving education in times of social upheaval were discussed at the Annual Conference of the German Association for Educational Development (dghd) - which took place online for the first time in its almost 50-year history

Cohesion in spite of differences

An interview with urban sociologist Martina Löw on the Berlin University Alliance’s “social cohesion” research focus

Master Plan for Free Societies?

The opening conference for the “Contestations of the Liberal Script” (SCRIPTS) cluster of excellence discussed fundamental questions about liberalism

The Quality of the Transitory

The Matters of Activity Cluster of Excellence focuses on a new material culture

Looking at Language through School Subjects

With the project “Sprachen – Bilden – Chancen,” researchers from the Berlin universities want to convey learning material in the classroom in a way that also trains language skills

Between the Cells

Scientists from the fields of medicine, chemistry, and physics are working together to detect inflammations at the molecular level at a very early stage

Raising the Curtain on Literature

Freie Universität Berlin officially opened the “Temporal Communities – Doing Literature in a Global Perspective” Cluster of Excellence for Literary Studies

“Now we have an opportunity to convince the skeptics that the joint proposal has paid off.”

Official launch: As of November 1, the Berlin University Alliance is being funded as a university consortium of Excellence. In an interview the heads of the institutions involved speak about what’s next.

Moving toward Green Chemistry

Technische Universität Berlin officially opened Berlin’s only scientific Cluster, UniSysCat, with music, dance, and impressive experiments

The Many Faces of Digitalization

The Berlin higher education program DiGiTal is funding 13 researchers and artists who study digital technologies

When Food Grows in the Middle of the City

The EdiCitNet project promotes local and sustainable food production in cities

Exploring Cohesion

With its first call as part of the “Grand Challenge Initiative” on the topic of “Social Cohesion,” the Berlin University Alliance is promoting networking among researchers on this topic

Machine learning in medicine must be comprehensible and replicable

Scientists at Technische Universität Berlin and Charité are applying machine learning techniques in imaging diagnostics

Democracy – an Outdated Model?

Tanja Börzel and Michael Zürn, spokespersons for the SCRIPTS Cluster of Excellence on the liberal promise, problems of a globalized world, and the rise of populist movements

Party of Four

At the Urania, the Berlin University Alliance celebrated its success in the German government’s Excellence Strategy competition

“We are very proud!”

Berlin University Alliance Wins Prestigious German “Excellence” Status – An Interview with the Alliance’s Spokesperson, Professor Günter M. Ziegler

“We need academic freedom to find answers to the great challenges of the future.”

In an interview Berlin’s Governing Mayor and Senator for Higher Education and Research, Michael Müller, talks about the potential benefits of a strong alliance among Berlin’s universities

Entangled Literary Histories

Across time, space, and different media – how literature becomes global

“We want to show what Berlin can do when it comes to teaching in higher education”

The Berlin University Alliance and Berlin Center for Higher Education are hosting the German Association for Educational and Academic Staff Development in Higher Education annual conference in March 2020. Lecture/workshop proposals due September 15.

“Setting up your own company means tackling new problems every day.”

The three major Berlin universities and Charité have been awarding “Berliner Startup Stipendium” grants together since 2016. The results speak for themselves.

A Magnet for Junior Researchers Worldwide

The Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship of the European Union enables junior researchers to spend up to two years doing research in Europe. In this respect, Berlin is proving to be particularly attractive.

Mathematics and More

The MATH+ Cluster of Excellence of Freie Universität Berlin, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, and Technische Universität Berlin has been established

When Function Follows Form

Myfanwy Evans investigates the geometry of materials down to the nanoscale.

An Academic Bridge between Berlin and Oxford

Alastair Buchan, a member of the Oversight Committee of the Oxford-Berlin partnership, commented on the promising partnership.