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Questions about being a student assistant

X-Tutors are employed as student assistants for 12 months with a monthly workload of 40 hours.

If you offer the tutorial on your own, i.e. as an individual, you can decide whether you are employed as a student assistant for 40 or for 80 hours per month.

As a student assistant (40h/month), you will receive approximately 620 euros per month.

All X-Tutors are employed as student assistants at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, regardless of the university at which you are enrolled or at which university you plan to offer your X-Tutorial.

Yes, employment as a student assistant is subject to social insurance contributions.

Please clarify this question yourself with your responsible Bafög office. As far as we know, you are allowed to earn about 5,500 euros per year. As a student assistant, you should be slightly above this amount, which will then be credited to your Bafög rate. But as we said, please ask your responsible Bafög office yourself.