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Questions about material or travel funds

The calculation does not necessarily have to be very detailed. However, it must be plausible. Both the StuROPx coordinating office and the reviewers must be able to understand why and for what purpose you need which funds.

Yes, but it would be nice if you would visit the conference together with a group of students.

There are two ways to account for your material or travel funds:

(1) Invoice: You have an invoice issued to you, i.e. you purchase equipment or software, for example, and have an invoice issued for it. You forward this invoice to the StuROPx Coordination Office, which will initiate payment of the outstanding amount.

(2) Reimbursement request (in exceptional cases): you make an advance payment, i.e., you purchase equipment or software, for example, and pay for it yourself first. Then you submit a reimbursement request to the StuROPx coordination office.

Successful applicants will receive further information on the exact procedure for the accounting for material and travel funds at the beginning of the project.

No, the material or travel funds are not provided to the projects as a fixed sum. The funds must be accounted for.