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Questions about the course type

The X stands for excellence.

X-Student Research Groups are led by junior researchers. X-Tutorials are led by undergraduate students.

The course type according to the capacity regulation is a teaching research project (“Lehrforschungsprojekt”).

The StuROPx courses are low-capacity in the sense that they are primarily taken into account only in the extracurricular area, if applicable. In the case of clear references to modules of subject-specific study and examination regulations, however, capacity effectiveness cannot be ruled out in individual cases.

It is up to you to decide whether you conduct the X-Student Research Group digitally, in a seminar room or in a hybrid format according to your didactic concept for the research seminar [for Tuts: research tutorial]. When planning your X-Student Research Group, please take into account the current pandemic situation and the current protection and hygiene regulations of the institution at which you are offering your X-Student Research Group as a course.