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Which documents must be submitted?


  1. Application form (online) form with details about the applicant, about the research project, and about the institutional link. To do this, the online application form must be filled out.

  2. Project outline (maximum three pages, additional page containing bibliography if required) with a description of the planned research project, time schedule, assessment of potential participating students, and ideas for possible collaborations with other actors or institutions. The notes on the project outline provide more detailed information on how the outline should be structured and what to look for in each block.

  3. Optional - Application for material or travel funds up to a maximum of 750 euro; a prerequisite for the approval is that the funds are necessary for carrying out the project or would clearly enhance the research of the X-Student Research Group. The notes on applying for material or travel resources provide more detailed information on what can be applied for and what needs to be taken into account here.

  4. Form - Proof of institutional affiliation: In order for the X-Student Research Group to be offered as a research seminar for students, an institutional affiliation is necessary. This affiliation is ensured by a professor who is informed about the application and who agrees with his or her signature to support the project in organizational matters (e.g. room allocation, technology). For this purpose, the institutional affiliation form must be filled out and signed.