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Research Quality and Research Integrity

Good Practice

Good Practice
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Ensuring and strengthening the research quality of its partners is a central concern of the Berlin University Alliance. The aim is to create the best possible conditions for researchers and institutions to conduct excellent research that is characterized by high quality.

Our Understanding of Research Quality

The understanding of research quality can vary and depends heavily on the respective disciplines and their specific research cultures. In our understanding, high-quality research is characterized by compliance with the (discipline-specific) standards of good scientific practice. "Good research" requires openness and transparency. Free access to research data and documentation and the transparency of research methods and results are essential for reliable and reproducible research. Compliance with ethical principles is an integral part of high-quality research.

Good Research Practice and Research Integrity

The Berlin University Alliance is committed to upholding good research practice and supports measures to promote research integrity. It aims to contribute to the promotion of an inclusive, open and appreciative research culture that offers researchers at all career levels optimal conditions.

To this end, the BUA organizes trainings and further education events (training courses, lecture series, summer schools), promotes relevant research projects and networking activities (colloquium, events, fellowships), and supports the activities of the ombudspersons at the BUA institutions.

Guidelines, Good Practice Examples, Trainings

Under the links you will find a selection of guidelines, good practices and standards as well as references to networks and initiatives, training coursess and materials. The listings are only an excerpt from the numerous recommendations in this area and focus largely on interdisciplinary approaches. If you are missing key recommendations from your own field, please feel invited to contact us. We look forward to your comments!


Nele Hofmann

Scientific Coordinator Research Quality

Objective 3 - Advancing Research Quality and Value