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Education and Training Offers

Event overview of the BUA partners

The Berlin University Alliance supports education and training measures that impart theoretical and practical knowledge in the fields of research quality and open science and contributes to their expansion. This also includes own and jointly funded formats of the partner institutions.

In a tabular overview, we have compiled the courses offered for the winter semester 2023/24 (October 1, 2023 to April 30, 2024). The overview of current courses of the continuing education institutions and graduate schools of the collaborative partners provides insight into a variety of opportunities to integrate research quality and open science into one's own work practice. The events are often open to all members of the collaborative partners.

The overview of the various offerings of the collaborative partners does not claim to be exhaustive. If you know of further events that should be integrated into this overview, we would be pleased to hear from you. In the download area below you will find the overviews of events from previous semesters.

Contact: Nele Hofmann I Scientific Coordinator Research Quality I nele.hofmann@berlin-university-alliance.de 

Training program: Superb Supervision - Mentoring your PhD candidate towards Responsible Research

As part of the activities of the Objective 3- Advancing Research Quality and Value, the Berlin University Alliance has been organizing the three-day training program "Superb Supervision - Mentoring your PhD Candidate towards Responsible Research" every year since 2022. The training is aimed at supervisors of doctoral candidates from all disciplines from the institutions of the Berlin University Alliance.

The aim of the course is to train supervisors of doctoral candidates to integrate the teaching of responsible research practices into the supervision of their doctoral candidates and thus create the conditions at an early stage for these practices to be sustainably established in the research process and thus contribute to ensuring the quality of research. At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Communicate the importance of responsible research to doctoral students and show them how to conduct research in an ethical manner and in accordance with the requirements of good scientific practice;
  • Apply key interpersonal skills (listening, giving feedback, coaching, managing expectations, etc.) for supervising PhD students actively and consciously in their own supervision constellations;

The curriculum of the training program was developed as part of the Academic Research Climate Project and its introduction was scientifically monitored. The course is organized by Dr. Louise Mennen (Mennen Consulting) and Dr. Tamarinde Haven (Tilburg University).

"Anyone supervising students should take this course! It is a fantastic overview of all the steps you need to take to guide your students in the right direction." (Participant of the course in October 2022)

If you are interested in more detailed information about the course, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Contact: Nele Hofmann I Scientific Coordinator Research Quality I nele.hofmann@berlin-university-alliance.de

Lecture Series Open Science and Research Quality

After the success of the first and second editions of the lecture series "Open Science and Research Quality", the BUA teaching module "This is how science works - What do I need to know and be able to do to become a scientist?" will start on October 16, 2023 and is open to all students of the FU, HU, TU and Charité. The seminar and the subsequent exercise will take place every Monday from 2:00 p.m. (c.t.) to 6:00 p.m. Information and registration

The teaching module deals with science research, scientific misconduct, research evaluation and scientific careers, and scientific publishing. Students from different disciplines will be invited in interactive formats to reflect on the requirements for quality and openness in their scientific fields, to present and discuss in a multidisciplinary group.

Part of the series of events in the winter semester 2023/24 are renowned international researchers* such as Prof. Dr. Jesper Schneider-Wiborg (Arhuus University, Denmark), Prof. Dr. Gemma Derrick (University of Bristol) and Prof. Dr. Emanuel Kulczycki (Adam Mickiewicz, Poland).

The lecture series "Open Science and Research Quality in Theory and Practice" was organized for the first time in the summer semester of 2021 jointly by the Department of Science Research at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and the Objective 3: Advancing Research Quality and Value of the Berlin University Alliance and in collaboration with the Robert K. Merton Center for Science Research. Some of the events were recorded and are available on the Youtube channel "Wissen aus Berlin".

Program of the lecture series in the winter semester 2022-23

European Summer School for Scientometrics (esss)

The European Summer School for Scientometrics provides education and training on key aspects of quantitative studies of science and technology. It provides an overview of state-of-the-art scientometric methods and indicators and their application both in research and in the context of scientific policy advice and research evaluation. It has been designed for scholars and scientists, especially doctoral candidates, science managers, research officers, information scientists, librarians, and others with a professional interest in science and technology indicators and their application.