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Good Research Practice at the Berlin University Alliance

Ombudspersons at the Berlin University Alliance

There are ombudspersons at all BUA partner universities. They have an advisory and mediating function and can be consulted by all members of the respective university, e.g. on issues relating to good academic practice, authorship conflicts, supervision conflicts and abuse of power. Inquiries to the ombudspersons are always treated in strict confidence.

Instead of the ombudspersons of the institutions, the Ombuds Committee for Research Integrity in Germany (formerly "Ombudsman for Research") can also be consulted in the event of questions and conflicts in the area of good scientific practice. The committee was set up as an independent advisory body by the German Research Foundation (DFG) and is open to all scientists and academics in Germany.

Statutes on Good Research Practice

The statutes serve to ensure good research practice at the BUA institutions. They describe the principles of good scientific practice and their implementation as well as regulations for dealing with violations. They are legally binding for all persons working in research at the respective institution.