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Fellowship of the Objective 3 starts in a new round



Applications for 2023 are now open!

News from Mar 28, 2023

Since September 2022, Objective 3 - Advancing Research Quality and Value has been awarding fellowships in two funding lines: Incoming and Outgoing Fellows. The fellowships are aimed at researchers and staff from science-supporting fields who deal with the issues of research quality and open science in their daily work and are confronted with their promotion in the institutions of the Berlin University Alliance. Applications for the 2023 fellowship program are now open. A detailed outline of the application process and required application materials can be found on the Objective 3 website.

The fellowship program of Objective 3 aims to support BUA members in their actions to sustainably improve research quality or establish Open Science practices in their respective institutions and enables stays at other national or international institutions in the funding line "Outgoing Fellowship". The aim is to gain insights into processes, structures or practices that have proven successful in the context of this objective.

In the "Incoming Fellowship" funding line, external expertise can be brought directly into one's own institution by inviting recognized individuals from the relevant field for a guest stay. This is intended to bring an external perspective on one's own work, which can also be used for consulting and networking beyond the actual research stay.

We look forward to receiving your applications and are always available to answer any questions.



Objective 3 – Advancing Research Quality and Value

Nele Hofmann, Scientific Coordinator for Research Quality

Mail: Nele.hofmann@berlin-university-alliance.de

Website: https://www.berlin-university-alliance.de/en/commitments/research-quality/personen/albrecht-nele/index.html

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