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FAQs for the Fellowship Program of Objective 3 - Advancing Research Quality and Value

In principle, a separate cost center is required, as a personalized funding notification is created. The fellowship program funds are managed by your own institution through your own cost center. Should you wish to apply for an outgoing fellowship without a cost center, it is possible for you to be nominated for a fellowship by a supervisor. In this case, the supervisor would be the applicant and would nominate you for a fellowship bindingly. In this case, both parties must sign the application.

You will continue to receive your salary from your regular employment. The fellowship is usually handled like a long business trip or leave of absence. For this reason, it is important that you include the approval of your home institution to carry out the fellowship in your application documents. Please clarify the exact administrative implementation of the fellowship directly with the HR departments responsible for you.

No, the fellowship may be interpreted administratively as a leave of absence, but you do not have to apply for a leave of absence. Please clarify the administrative procedure for the implementation of the fellowship with your responsible HR departments.

Since responsibilities may vary from one institution to another, it is important that you identify the relevant contact persons in your institution yourself. In principle, however, you should inform or consult with the responsible personnel department, superiors, project colleagues, etc., and obtain any necessary approvals.

The Fellowship program only uses a template for budget planning. In the current call for proposals, you will find instructions on what further information and details you need to provide and to what extent as part of the application.

In principle, there is the possibility of additional funding for people who, for example, have to travel with their children or are subject to health restrictions. In both cases, the applicant must provide appropriate evidence, which is subject to individual assessment. There is no general entitlement to additional funding. You are welcome to seek advice on this from your respective HR departments.

The approved funds are basic funds (“Haushaltsmittel”). They are earmarked for a specific purpose and are to be used exclusively in accordance with the application and the funded financing plan. The funds are managed at your home institution. You will receive more detailed information on the management of the funds from your respective institution after the grant has been awarded.

There are no set deadlines for the Objective 3 Fellowship, and applications may be submitted throughout the year.

In principle, the fellowship can also extend into the following year. Please make it clear in your application for which period you would like to apply for the fellowship.