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Research Forum Social Cohesion

The Research Forum Social Cohesion supports the transdisciplinary approach of the Exploration Projects Social Cohesion. The six projects explore sub-aspects of the Grand Challenge Initiative on Social Cohesion and are being funded by the Berlin University Alliance from 2020 to 2023.

The project teams receive support, for example, through coaching offers that show the scientists how they can communicate their research results in a more targeted and effective manner.

In addition, the Research Forum Social Cohesion will offer a dialog format for the researchers of the Exploration Projects and societal stakeholders. The goal is to establish new networks between the sciences and society, identify common themes, and facilitate knowledge exchange.

A first outcome of the Research Forum is a Research Atlas. It presents topics, issues, and connections between areas that are relevant to the Grand Challenge Initiative on Social Cohesion in Berlin. The topics are either already being researched by scientists or have been identified as important research needs by scientists and societal stakeholders.

In late summer and autumn 2022, the three-part trialogue series "Social Cohesion" took place in cooperation with the Berlin Governance Platform. The trialogue series offered researchers from the Exploration Projects Social Cohesion the opportunity to engage in exchange with representatives from politics/administration, business and organised civil society in a transdisciplinary setting. The aim was to establish new networks between the sciences and society, to identify common themes and to facilitate an exchange of knowledge. The results of the trialogue series were documented in a discussion atlas.

Research Atlas Social Cohesion

Discussion Atlas Social Cohesion


Wiebke Hahn, Program Manager TD-Lab (Focus on Social Cohesion and Berlin Citizens) 
Tel.: +49 30 / 838-50495
Email: wiebke.hahn@berlin-university-alliance.de