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Major leap for Oxford and Berlin in Joint Medical Research: Stiftung Charité awards a Visiting Fellowship to Professor Jens Rittscher from the University of Oxford

Prof. Dr. Jens Rittscher from Oxford, an expert in biomedical imaging and artificial intelligence, will receive funding for a visiting fellowship by Stiftung Charité until 2027. 

News from May 15, 2024

He will lead a working group at Charité and, together with Dr. Daniel Royston and his Berlin hosts Dr. Philipp Mergenthaler, Prof. Dr. Werner Stenzel, Prof. Dr. Ingeborg Tinhofer-Keilholz, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Kübler and Dr. Jana Ihlow, will combine state-of-the-art imaging techniques to improve the diagnosis, classification and prognosis of diseases like muscle diseases, head and neck tumors, or blood cancer.

Further information (in German) can be found in the Stiftung Charité press release.

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