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Prof. Dr. Bénédicte Savoy Receives Berlin Science Award

The Governing Mayor of Berlin, Kai Wegner, awarded the 15th Berlin Science Award at the Rotes Rathaus on Tuesday, 2 May 2023. The main prize was awarded to Dr Bénédicte Savoy, Professor of Modern Art History at the Technical University of Berlin.

News from May 03, 2023

The Governing Mayor of Berlin, Kai Wegner: "Bénédicte Savoy makes a decisive contribution to the reappraisal of European colonial history and to an enlightened cultural policy. With her research, she has not only provided historically important insights into art theft and German and French museum practice, but has also initiated a long overdue debate. This has contributed significantly to a rethinking of how to deal with exhibited looted objects in Europe: in many places, objects are now being returned to their country of origin."

Prof. Dr. Bénédicte Savoy is a professor of Modern Art History at the Institute of Art History and Historical Urban Studies at the Technical University of Berlin since 2009. Her research focuses on art and cultural transfer in Europe in the 18th and 19th centuries, museum history, art theft and looted art, Franco-German relations, and translocation research. The research project "Oxford-Berlin Initiative on Museums as Spaces of Social Cohesion and Conflict. An Interdisciplinary Cooperation in the Field of Museum Studies" led by Prof. Savoy and Prof. Hicks from the University of Oxford was funded by the Oxford Berlin Research Partnership. Learn more about this project in episode 2 of our podcast be:curious.

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